Types of concrete mixer   Concrete mixer is made in the understanding of friends to do the project mixer multiple classification may know, different types of mixer depends on the different forms of the stirring blade, commonly used mixer generally push nfl brand profile bending machine for stainless steel pipe(spiral blade), addition also Other forms of oblique paddle mixer, frame type, anchor type, turbine type, screw-type and so on. Different ways to produce different concrete mixer, how to choose it for their own use concrete mixer? J today we Zhengzhou Li Jie company for everyone focuses on next-propelled, oblique and turbine mixing paddle.     He said the advance of the formula, push, oblique paddle stirring generally used for small-scale fluid rapid stirring frequently used is generally 3 leaf propeller type, paddle oblique 2 leaves, leaf number may be two leaf, 3 leaf, 4 leaf or leaf blade usually one, two or more layers may be a. Turbine Stirred more varied forms, mainly to strengthen the role of fluid shear and cycling ability, divided into open turbine and turbine disc, depending on the specific form of a blade stirring demand is relatively diverse. Different options, select a different concrete mixer, each mixer is a different taste of the cake, you want to taste, you can see how your project needs.  How to understand the concrete mixing station equipment maintenance How to maintain concrete mixing station,bending machine for steel 360 degree steel bending machinewe Zhengzhou Li Jie in different projects on different devices will be stirred for some customers use the station, every customer a detailed explanation, and give them a manual, if customers still have some questions, we can make the training relevant aspects. Thus, we can see that there is a big problem customers are not in use, mainly maintenance equipment. Commodity concrete mixing station this large-scale production line in the maintenance needs to be done is actually a lot of, a lot of places we need to pay attention to make a detailed presentation of the machine specification, such as the need to pay attention to what the device pre-assembled, installation process requires mainly those aspects, in the course of what you need to know, how long there is the need for related equipment replacement and maintenance and so on.     In addition to the aspects we mentioned above, we also need to pay attention to is the needs of conservation and change often wearing parts in the production process, if not used for long, we place the needs of the machinery suitable location for safekeeping, such as permission to ensure that machinery does not appear in the short term rust problems. Zhengzhou Li Jie Machinery Company kingdom manual hydraulic plate steel bending machine priceholds for the customer as the position of each machine perform numbered guidelines, tracking and tracing, for the job in question presented Rhyme send skilled personnel for processing real-time, and will be on time for the stirring device reflection, preparedness in the first place